Prime Surgeon Dr. ElAttrache Named a Top North American Sports Knee Surgeon

September 21, 2016

Dr. Neal ElAttrache, Chairman of Orthopedics at Prime Surgeons, has been recognized as one of the top 16 best sports knee surgeons in North America by Orthopedics This Week.

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Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques Can Provide the Best Outcomes

September 1, 2016

Not only are our surgeons Board Certified and ranked in the top 5% for their specialties in the U.S., they are also highly skilled in the most sophisticated surgical techniques. We’re proud to offer advanced, minimally invasive procedures using the latest FDA-approved technologies.

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Q&A: Dr. Gil Tepper, Prime Surgeons Founder

July 28, 2016
Gil Tepper MD Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Cervical Surgery Lumbar Surgery

To better understand the mission of Prime Surgeons and how it works, we sat down with Founder and CEO Dr. Gil Tepper. Find out what motivated him to create this network of surgeons and how patients like you can benefit from it.

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New Study: Surgeon Specialization Affects Patient Outcomes

July 26, 2016
Prime Surgeons Best Surgical Care On Demand

A new study published in The BMJ found that a surgeon's degree of specialization was a key indicator of mortality risk for the patient.

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Lawrence Bradford Gets New Lease on Life

June 29, 2016
Lawrence Bradford Prime Surgeons Patient Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

After two herniated discs forced Lawrence Bradford into disability, he looked everywhere for a surgeon to alleviate his pain. With Prime Surgeons help, he got his life back.

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Why Prime Surgeons?

June 19, 2016
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At Prime Surgeons, we provide patients with on-demand access to the highest quality of care exactly when needed with a focus on master surgeons, the best surgical outcomes, and fair and transparent pricing.

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