Why Choose Prime?

With Prime Surgeons, you can quickly find the best surgeons in your area or in the US for your condition and insurance plan. Then you can quickly understand the costs for your care, and then book an appointment that is convenient for your schedule. No other online concierge surgery service gives you access to the best surgeons in the world with this level of service, quality and transparency. Click on our Explainer Video above to learn more about what makes us the best in the industry.

That’s just the start! We go far beyond these basics:

Protecting Your Lifestyle

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. We help you protect your lifestyle by focusing on what matters the most: your life, your family, your passions and your time.

PROVIDING AN Elite Network of Surgeons

Our surgeons are rigorously selected so you know they are the best of the best for a specific procedure. They are not only leaders in their field with extensive experience but many are also the go-to surgeons to top athletes, celebrities, and luminaries.

DELIVERING FAir & Transparent Pricing

All our procedures are priced fairly and many Prime Surgeons accept major PPO insurance plans.  Additionally, when you start a surgical program, you will know all costs upfront, with no hidden fees. We will also tell you all the steps that are included, so there are no surprises.


To fit your lifestyle we offer 3 tiers of service:

      • Concierge: On-demand access facilitated by your personal assistant
      • VIP: Direct communication with your surgeon and scheduling within 1 week
      • Basic: Access to our local network and scheduling within 2 weeks

What’s Included

When you choose a particular procedure from a Prime Surgeon you will start a surgical program tailored for you. Most surgical programs include an in-person consultation, then surgery and post-op care. Our surgeons use the safest minimally invasive techniques to minimize procedure length and scarring and reduce recovery time. We also provide you with tailored information before (pre-op) and after (post-op) surgery to make sure you are comfortable and optimized for a full and rapid recovery.

Our service is focused on pairing you with the very best surgeon for your procedure, so you can stop waiting and simply get back to your life after surgery.