Am I eligible?

We first qualify you to see if you really need Prime Surgeons. Using our easy-to-use “Intelligent Assistant”, you are quickly guided through the steps to see if you are eligible. To find out more, go to Am I Eligible?

How competitive is our pricing?

All consultations with a Prime Surgeon are priced at a flat rate of $500. If surgery is required, this consultation fee is deducted from the overall charge for the surgery, providing you with a surgical program package price.

Our surgical procedures are usually priced significantly below the cost for similar procedures at top hospitals in the same area. Hospital fees are usually the largest part of the fee for surgical procedures and are set high to defray the huge costs of these large operations. Our surgeons use the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques and operate out of dedicated, state-of-the-art surgery centers with a center of excellence model. This translates to highly efficient operations with lower costs.

What you get is world class, superior quality at attractive prices.You can view pricing for common procedures after signing up (no fee required).

How does it work?

Our Intelligent Assistant ensures that you are matched with the best surgeon for your procedure or condition. With the Intelligent Assistant, we walk you through a simple and effective process that in most instances is able to determine your eligibility for a specific procedure, and then matches you to the best surgeon for your condition in the Prime Surgeon network. It will also match you with Prime Surgeons that take your insurance if you indicate the insurance policy you would like to use. There are 3 Membership Levels you can select for Prime Surgeons. To find out more, go to Tiered Membership Levels.

Will my insurance be accepted?

The surgeons in the Prime Surgeons network generally work with a range of PPO insurance providers (HMO policies, however, are not accepted). That being said, the insurance policies accepted by each surgeon in the network vary, and some Prime Surgeons do not accept insurance and are out-of-network with all policies.

Some of our surgeons use a cash payment model because they might use the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques and FDA approved technologies, which may not be covered by insurance (please see the customer testimonial with Lawrence Bradford).

We make it easy to find the right surgeon for your situation. After you sign-up, simply indicate your insurance provider (ie Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, etc.) and our easy-to-use Intelligent Assistant will match you with Prime Surgeons that accept your insurance. We will also show you Prime Surgeons that are experts in your needed procedure that only accept cash payment.

Also keep in mind that since our procedure fees are usually set significantly below those for top hospitals in your area, our cash price may work out to be similar to the out-of-pocket costs, after insurance, for the procedures performed at top hospitals (for most common insurance plans taking into account standard deductibles and co-insurance policies). You may even be able to achieve significant savings if you have out-of-network coverage.

To find out more, Get Started!

How do I know I am getting the best surgeon for my condition?

Prime Surgeons has a proprietary 15-point selection process that rigorously qualifies the surgeons in our network. We have strict criteria to qualify a Prime Surgeon – in short, they need to be in the top of their field with extensive experience and expertise in a given procedure for a specific condition. To find out more go to Elite Network of Surgeons.

Also, each Prime Surgeon uses the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques and operates with a Center of Excellence model – every member of this elite surgical team is carefully selected to deliver the best possible outcomes for your condition. These elite surgical teams only include master surgeons and their colleagues. We guarantee that no assistants, residents, or medical students are part of these elite teams.

How do I get started?

Under Get Started, our Intelligent Assistant will guide you through the steps to see if you are eligible for Prime Surgeons. If surgery appears to be indicated, our Intelligent Assistant will match you with the best surgeon for your condition. To find out more go to Get Started.

What are the Membership Levels?

Prime Surgeons offers 3 levels of service: Basic, Premium and VIP/Concierge. At each level of service, you get access to the same elite network of master surgeons plus comprehensive, competitive, and transparent pricing for all procedures. Each level has varied prioritization of access to our elite network of surgeons.  To find out more, go to Membership Levels.