Am I Eligible?

Do You Need Prime Surgeons?

We first qualify you to see if you really need Prime Surgeons. So there’s a process, but we’ve really simplified it so it’s easy to determine your eligibility.

Using our easy-to-use Intelligent Assistant, you are quickly guided through the steps to see if you are eligible.  We’ve listed the minimum requirements below so you can see at a glance what is required.

  • You have a positive MRI that correlates with your symptoms
  • Another surgeon has recommended surgery as a first opinion
  • Your symptoms have persisted and/or are getting worse despite other measures
  • You’ve had your condition for more than 60 days

If you meet the above minimum criteria, you’re ready to Get Started with our Intelligent Assistant*.

*Note: Please keep in mind that regardless of the initial suggestions from our Intelligent Assistant, all patients being considered for surgery will see their Prime Surgeon for a full consultation prior to any surgical procedure. At this consultation, your Prime Surgeon will confirm (or not) the appropriateness of a given procedure. Importantly, your Prime Surgeon will explain in detail the indications, risks, benefits and treatment alternatives so you can make an informed decision.