Fair & Transparent Pricing

You’ll Always Know What To Expect

Prime Surgeons is founded on four key pillars – one of them is fair and transparent pricing. This means there is no guesswork on the costs for any procedure.

What does fair pricing mean for you?

Fair pricing means that for each of our procedures, we take into account rates charged by top hospitals in a particular geographic region when setting our pricing. Our procedures are typically priced signficantly below the rates charged by top hospitals in that region. Many of our surgeons accept PPO insurance so this can be either an insurance price or a cash price, it depends on your insurance policy and the doctor you select.

What does transparent pricing mean for you?

Transparent pricing means that when you go through a surgical program with Prime Surgeons, you will know the costs prior to each step in the program. We guarantee that there will be no hidden fees or added costs. As there is no price variation in a geographic area for a particular procedure, you can be sure that the price you are quoted is the same regardless of the surgeon you select. Plus you pay the fee at one time and do not need to worry about confusing bills from a range of providers.

Pricing for common procedures can be viewed after signing up (no fee required).