About Prime Surgeons

“The Surgeon’s Surgeon”

At Prime Surgeons, we provide you with access to the caliber of surgeons that other surgeons would choose for themselves and their families, based on a track record of excellence and experience for a specific procedure. Our master surgeons are the top 5% of surgeons in the US. Click on the video above to hear directly from members of our leadership team on what makes us the best in the industry.

Our site uses an Intelligent Assistant to match you with the best surgeon. Each Prime Surgeon operates with a Center of Excellence model – every member of this elite surgical team is carefully selected to deliver the best possible outcomes for your condition. These elite surgical teams only include master surgeons and their colleagues. We guarantee that no assistants, residents, or medical students are part of these elite teams.

Superior Quality, Attractively Priced

Only the top surgeons in the country know how to perform the most advanced minimally invasive techniques with the best outcomes. By selecting a Prime Surgeon you invest in yourself and ensure that you will have a fast recovery with the least amount of pain. In some cases patients feel better than new. Learn more about these advanced minimally invasive techniques.

Our surgical procedures are typically priced significantly below the average cost for similar procedures (potentially with less advanced surgical techniques) at top hospitals in the same area. Hospital fees are the largest part of the fee for surgical procedures and are typically set high to defray the huge costs of these large operations.

Our surgeons operate out of dedicated, state-of-the-art surgery centers with a center of excellence model. This translates to highly efficient operations with lower costs. What you get are the best surgeons in the country performing the most advanced minimally invasive surgeries at attractive prices. Many Prime Surgeons accept major PPO insurance plans and pricing for common procedures can be viewed after signing up (no fee required).


We are passionate and excited about creating a new era of healthcare in which surgeons focus on your needs. No compromise on quality, no heartache about inflated costs, no hidden fees – Just the very best surgical care at fair, transparent pricing. That’s our passion.